My story

I am 25 years old, and I started with 3D design when I was 12.
In 2009, I decided to study pharmacy, but my passion for design drove me to join an international team that was developing Operation Black Mesa; which is a remake of the videogame Half Life: Opposing Force using the Half Life 2 engine.

Recently, I finished my pharmacy degree, but my true passion is design, and I would love to dedicate all my efforts and my time to it. I have been working on projects of all kinds: game jams, websites, e-commerce, logotype design, posters, advertisements...
I am a very creative person, and I am always trying out new things. I have used a ton of different techniques and styles: font creation, organic and inorganic modelling, cartoons, vector graphics, scripting, fotomanipulation, video editing... I love learning new things and combining several different techniques and styles; and I wanted to show that on my portfolio, so I included a big variety of designs.
One of my biggest strengths is flexibility: I learn very quickly and I know a lot of different styles and techniques, so i can move between different styles fast, and learn new programs quickly.

I hope I will dedicate myself to design in the future, and develop my creativity to its full.
Thank you very much for listening to me!



Photography manipulation, texture creation (normal, tileable, realistic, ambient occlussion maps...), drawing with brushes, vector graphics, typographic design, font creation, icons, alphas...


Organic modelling (I prefer 3D Studio Max for hard surface modeling), cartoon characters, realistic characters, zspheres use, AO/normal/cavity map generation, retopology, decimation...

3D Studio Max

Modeling (hard surface usually), base models for zbrush, splines, basic animation (simple riggin, I havenĀ“t animated organic models yet), renderin (real time, precalculated, bake to texture, AO, cavity...), UVW unwrap, Vray, physics (basic level), lightning...


Website creation using HTML and CSS at a basic level (I can combine code from several sources and give it a custom style). In addition, I have created and managed several Wordpress websites.


I use Krita mainly because its brushes are vastly superior to the Photoshop ones, and I am finding myself using them more and more. In the future, I hope to use it as an alternative to Photoshop (at the moment, its too unstable and sometimes slow).


I am currently studying for my B2 "Escuela de idiomas" English level certificate, but my English level may be a bit higher. I have worked for 5 years on an international team where I was the only Spanish speaker (Operation Black Mesa).


I have a B class driving license, and I own a particular car. I own a Wacom Intuos4 Large input tablet. I have sometimes used some design-related programs such as: Source SDK (Hammer, HL Model viewer, VTFEdit...), Marmoset Toolbag, NDO, Xnormal, Sony Vegas, Milkshape 3D, XnView. Also, I have a pharmacy degree.


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